Unconsciousness: a concept that can be acknowledged by self but cannot be controlled, a mental realm which is out of conscious cognition of its function, role, or activity. According to my hypothesis, we are getting signals from unconsciousness unceasingly, even when the conscious cognition is also doing so. Once the consciousness, which is dominant most of the time, allows the signals from the other side, it can put those is match between perceptive information and the underlying memory. The conscious mind can find a new connected concept through this process if it finally meets up with the needs or catches attention for any reason, and becomes creativity. Unconscious information may be stored in the same area that conscious memories or it doesn’t make any evidence for its presence, but in any case, unconscious memory has more quantity that we suspect or imagine and stalks in mind. Dream may be a sort of a power-game between conscious mental awareness and unconscious one for achieving dominancy in one body and mind. Otherwise, the drowsiness is caused by a great amount of inflow of information from unconsciousness, in order to persevere the operation. However, if this balance became abnormal and consciousness lacks substantiality, it can be classified into mental diseases such as autism or schizo.

q. What if we can fully understand and track down the mutual transmission of consciousness and unconsciousness?

q. Is the word ‘unconsciousness’ appropriate to this condition? any other term?

+ Animal dreams as well. I saw cats and dogs dream, think, decide, which I think implies the existence of unconsciousness, but it seems the absence of semantic language restrained the depth of thinking, confusing signal from unconsciousness with instinctive urge. One paper I read recently said that none of animal can synthesise several thoughts into one.