Art and language

It was told that human coincidently achieved the lingual communication skill in evolutionary history(Brain and Neuron, 2018). In other words, some parts of brain neurons happened to be activated, different from any other animal, and it awoke the latent capability of human language.

q. What if it was not a coincidence, but human nature had language skill that none of other animals had from the beginning? Even though it was discovered that animals have their own language in different form or method, the complexity of human language is still unmatchable.

q. The artistic creativity is based on the human ability of communication through pictorial artifact. I assume that human skill in understanding mutual knowledge, making a coherent symbol, encrypting what’s in mind enabled both character-based language and art creation regardless of regional culture. Then, is there any common denominator in neural operation between language and art?

(Thoughts inspired by a paper ‘Creativity, brain and art(Zaidel, 2014)’)

q. Also, didn’t the art develop language as the language flourished the art?

In my experience, a small clue grows up into creative idea through the communication. Moreover, I think the communication can be internal way. It was helpful for me to ask myself what, why, how, etc. and find the answer, amplifying memory network. Writing note or a diary might be good.

+ My brain is pretty chatty. Sometimes, especially when I am reading something, my mind rambles and I feel like I have ADHD. What if this kind of arbitrary mind drives creativity, not just distraction? Isn’t this tumultuous mind caused by a conflict between me which is interpreting perceptual information and me which is blabbing everything in memory? If this phenomenon gets extreme and external, in a power game, can it be compared to schizophrenia? Is there a study about correlation between socially refined me and internally erupting me which is relevant to many mental diseases? Isn’t it related to the reason why mentally ill people still can produce creative art?