The reason why there is no significant differences of neurological system between artist and non-artist may be that the artistic creativity matters to multidimensional paring and the frequency rather than volume or region of the brain. (thoughts on a Frontier paper of Zaidel(2013))

Hitherto neuroscience conceptualized the brain in 2 dimensionally. Formerly scientists inquired what is BEING there, and what it is DOING. Recently many studies are focusing on how/why it associate. My hypothesis on the intercommunication of unconsciousness and consciousness infers a new point of view of 3 dimensional structure. (inspired by a Science Direct paper by Roger Beaty, Paul Seli, Daniel Schacter(2018))

For ‘Design Thinking’, does more number of practice improve the quality of creative thinking? Doesn’t critical and rebellious natural spirit drive unprecedented connection? (thoughts on a paper ‘Theoretical Foundations of Design Thinking’ about John. Arnold)

How to improve the creativity?
1. Talk to your brain often. For example, think about one topic while you are walking. Don’t struggle for a brilliant answer, but let your brain wonder and wander, and just listen to what your brain is talking freely.
2. Bother you brain often. For example, intentionally give new task such as memorize a telephone number, so the name directly gets linked to the number arrangement. Connecting a word to another form/number/object/rule/function/occasion, etc. Study a new field. If you are a scientist, you can start learning a cooking or music instrument, if you are an artist, you can start learning a science, engineering, tennis, etc.