Another of my interest lies in ‘time’. I believe that time is a vector movement of any kind of energy. (I call it vector as it is anyhow directional.) It can be moving electricity through synapse from A to B, cell growth of cancer from size 1 to 1.00001, or a water flow from a tap to the ground. The last is by a known force of gravity, but the foundational force behind the other two is unknown at least to me. Anyway, things are moving (which includes the concept of changing that is also by other types of movement at the atomic level such as expansion) to their own direction by underlying force. That energy move in a holistic view is what we conceptualized as time.

Then, what is the opposite side of time? It is a stopped moment of everything which doesn’t have any kind of energy movement, therefore no ‘time’ exists. There is no reversing way of time because time per se represents the energy flow. Even though the energy direction is reversed, it still moves, only towards another direction, hence in the frame of time. For example, A and B are running forward, and B suddenly changes its direction to backward, or A and B together start to run backward. That doesn’t change the state that time is running (forward). No matter how we try to warp it, time is running and will continue to run (if anyone importunately inquires, yes, only in one direction) as long as any life is alive by energy flow. There is no reverse. (When there is no living thing, still time will be there but it will become just meaningless.)